80% discount off premium web hosting

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Lucky 6 hosting brings all the features provided by the better known hosting companies at a fraction of the cost.

It’s hard to believe such service exists especially for us who are internet hounds. We are always online looking for the best opportunities and analyzing the latest tech or online fad. So when it comes to web hosting, we can tell quality service from pretenders.

The lucky six service is simply what it says it is. Great internet hosting service and unlimited bandwidth and  sub-domains on a yearly $20 budget. Sounds interesting right? It’s amazing if you have used them for over 3 years like we have. All our client’s have not had any major issues with their hosting service and the 99% uptime claim is real.

Biztrikt rating: 9/10

The $20 unlimited yearly web hosting by Lucky 6 is built on modern infrastructure, which is getting cheaper by the year. Also as the speed of internet connection improves, Internet hosting companies need to get more and more efficient. Think of it as a small efficient company run by tech experts with major experience in web hosting service and online security.

So you are not sacrificing price for quality with this service, you are getting top rate hosting capabilities and a reliable team.

What we love about it:

  • Finally! Hosting that we in low income economies can afford
  • Seamless registration and installation
  • The dashboard is easy to figure out even for beginners
  • One button login to C-panel. Really!
  • Unlimited bandwith and disk usage. Really!
  • No hidden charges. You connect your domain and that’s it.
  • Awesome customer service.

What can be improved:

  • You still have to pay for your domain name. The domain name is not FREE:-D. Still we can’t complain about a deal like this one.

In conclusion

It is prudent to be cautious about your web host and hosting plan because if your business is online like ours, it means anything wrong with your host is wrong with your business. Trust me, we know. Also the hosting plan is important because it is for the long term and maintaining credibility online means your content must be accessible most of the time, so the yearly subscription must factor into your business returns.

Think carefully about your host but we can assure you that Lucky 6 hosting is as good as it gets and the added bonus of 80% off makes it a no brainer deal. Feel free to leave a comment or review. The contact button is available on the left if you want to talk business.

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