Make money from 6 minutes of trading daily

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MTFE presents one of the easiest ways to make steady profits from daily trading in Forex. 

If you live in a low/middle-income country and you are interested in a legit way to make money online from daily trading in addition to your income, then you will be interested in this.

MTFE is a mobile app and trading platform operated by Metaverse Trading Group, registered as an MSB in Canada with registration number – M22076570. It is also rated highly by WikiFX.

What do you need to know?

You can trade for 4-6 minutes daily by yourself using a signal for the day that tells what to trade, what direction, the time to enter the trade, and when you should close it. The daily signal is always 95%-98% sure to be profitable.

It’s a total DIY (do it yourself) kind of system. All you need is an understanding of the process, and you can complete registration, fund your account, trade and make profits, withdraw and get fiat currency by yourself. This blog will outline the entire process. Ensure to follow each step exactly to avoid loss of funds. Signals are posted on our groups which you can join after reading this course.

Start by installing the MTFE app from your mobile store, and completing the registration using your email or phone number. To complete the registration you need a referral code from your promoter – 1037963. Leave the other space blank.


Trading signal for 19th September

MTFE signal

Making money requires learning

The course section of the blog will provide you with all the materials you need to understand the system from registration to withdrawal of funds and getting your fiat in your account. The first section provides you with links to your textbook walkthroughs and the next section will provide you with short videos that show you the live process.

Please contact us anytime during our work hours (8:00 am -8:00 pm, Mon-Sat) using the chat button on the right if you have any questions or need assistance.

Video walkthrough library

Video 1: Placing a trade in MTFE

Video 2: A typical trade screen. 

After you place your trade, you monitor this screen to ensure close out with a maximum profit.

Video 3: Navigating the home menu and a look through trading history

This video in two parts will show the app landing screen and demo account. Then show trading history dating back months for you to see that money is being made (and lost sometimes) every trading day.

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In conclusion

All the media on this page is designed to help you make an informed decision and be totally self-sufficient in trading on MTFE and making money in $ as extra income. Remember it takes some getting used to, so you may want to trade on the demo account first before using your own. If you have any questions or difficulties, just reach us using the chat button on the right.

Remember, trading on the Forex market is risky and past results don’t guarantee future outcomes.