4 strategic advantages of having a website for your business

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A website is a vital and comparatively easy source of business publicity today. Kasey Kaplan of Kwk studio actually believes all businesses should have a website in this era.

It’s the 21st century, and maybe you are a part of the older generation and have been running your business before the internet became a major part of civilization. Today it’s obvious from all statistics. If your business is not online then automatically your credibility is questioned. 

The aim of this article is to point out some strategic advantages of taking your business online, even if you have a traditional brick and motar business, and even if your business is thriving offline.

Take advantage of online branding

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Online branding can start from a simple Google search, and that’s why branding and SEO are often important conversations when putting your brand online. You want people to easily locate information about your business by typing your business name in the online search bar.

The online mentality today gives people the power to seek information for themselves, especially when solutions may just be a Google search away. This means that if you have a valuable product or service, you want people searching for your particular solution to be able to find you from such a search.

With a website, you are able to use creative copywriting to inform your potential customers and give them the power to make decisions on whether to contact you or buy from you. This passive method of allowing potential customers to check you out can yield benefits in the short term or long term. Online branding is a key strategy for progressive businesses in today’s world.

You can go global literally

Phil Libin, co-founder of Evernote has said that one of the major changes to business in the current environment is that once you have a website or an app for your service or product, you have literally gone global. It totally makes sense because the web and various app stores can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and depending on your particular business, your clients could be from cultures and nationalities you know little about.

The traditional business is limited to customers and clients coming to the location. With mass media business was able to go beyond local boundaries, but with the internet business is potentially global. This is something any strategic business owner can key into, knowing that opportunities and possibilities exist beyond the immediate environment of your office or shop.

If strategic thinking is about positioning your business to take advantage of marketplace opportunities, then having a website for your business in today’s business climate is certainly a strategic business decision.

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Tap into e-commerce and e-learning

E-commerce revenues were estimated at 767b U.S dollars in 2021, up from 468b U.S dollars in 2018. The global e-learning industry was estimated to grow by 900% as at 2000, with COVID and it’s effects on the world, these figures are even more staggering. These niches are open to any traditional business willing to make the move of having a website. 

E-commerce allows you to sell goods and services over the internet. Today the e-commerce industry includes drop shipping giants like Alibaba and Amazon. The E-learning industry already has several higher institutions keying into it. This unique opportunities were not obvious as at a decade ago and that is why any strategic business person should be looking to go with the trend.

With a website, you can incorporate both e-commerce and e-learning, depending on what kind of service or product your business does. Going by the current trends, these industries are only going to get bigger and any business not keying in will most likely be left behind. 

Credibility and ease of communication

We stated earlier that your business automatically loses credibility if a simple Google search cannot find it. You want to be able to tell potential customers to find your business on the internet whenever they need information about you. This is great for credibility of your business and even better if someone want’s to refer a potential customer to you.

Your website is an online space that allows anyone with an internet connection to get information about what you do and how to go about doing business with you, it validates your brand and provides a level of trust even to first time visitors.

With a website, potential customers can contact you via direct chat or call which is a major advantage to any business person today. Imagine your competitors are enjoying all these advantages while your business is yet to key into them. A website boosts your credibility, reach and ease of doing business period.

In conclusion

We finally come to the conclusion that Kaplan arrived at when he said every business needs a website in the current business climate. Of course it is good to be clear on what you plan to achieve with the website, it is also something that will impact your annual budget in terms of costs. However the benefits clearly are numerous even beyond those outlined here, and when you are fully able to maximize your website it could be a vital asset for your business.

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