3 high value WhatsApp marketing tips

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Business is going on on WhatsApp right now and that’s a fact that has come to stay. 

Gone are the days when WhatsApp was just an app for sharing messages and connecting through chat. Over the years it became able to share sophisticated media and currently with the group and recently broadcast feature, it is set to replace email as the marketing hub.

We have run online courses over the last 5 years on the platform, so we can tell you very well about being able to reach people on it. Here are some of the most exclusive tips you can find on the internet about setting up marketing on WhatsApp.


whatsapp marketing

Yes we are suggesting that if you want to set up properly for marketing on WhatsApp, then you have to use WhatsApp business. 

It was launched as a separate app in January 2018 and has only gotten better since then. 

It was built with small businesses in mind, so it is designed to present your business to potential customers, and that’s wonderfully convenient if you have a Facebook page for your business or you hope to set one up. The consistency of branding makes your customers familiarize themselves with your brand.

So think of branding when you start thinking of marketing on Whatsapp. 


The major difference between doing business online and offline is that online business has to deal with the increasingly short attention span of customers. There are distractions at every turn online.

If your business is not constantly strategizing and innovating then it will be forgotten online, and that’s why engagement is important. One major strategy we use with some of our clients that have shops or small offices is to have a directory for their customers.

Engaging them online with relevant content is something they would appreciate especially if you apply proper copywriting skills. This engagement is key to future sales and also key to getting referrals. There is a whole side to customer management, but the basics of engagement is being able to reach your customers on a platform they are active with relevant and interesting content regularly.


The final tip is having the right technology. Once this falls into place, you literally can skyrocket your campaigns and maximize your profits. We will introduce an app we have been using for the past year to increase engagements on our campaigns.

The app is called Websender and it is a Chrome browser plugin that allows you to send bulk messages from WhatsApp. For you to understand how it works, you must have used WhatsApp web on a computer browser. The app installs on your browser and opens a window that let’s you operate it.

It requires you to arrange your contact list in an excel file with complete mobile numbers and names in separate columns.

There are many apps that do the same thing, but this one is unique because it allows you to personalize each message, and that makes your marketing extremely powerful. Adding the [name] tag exponentially increases the chances of your customer reading your message, think about it. The app has free and subscription plans which you can use when it becomes profitable for you.

Bonus tip – Capacity

The best way to master any skill is to learn it practically in a way you can continue using it. That is the way to build actual capacity. Our blog gives you the basic information, but depending on it will take you through the long road we had to go before we started making money online.

To go from zero to hundred, you need something practical. Check out the blueprint for WhatsApp marketing outlined in this course and gain the solid foundation to unlocking the power of ecommerce on WhatsApp. That’s the capacity you need right now.

In conclusion

One of the major adaptations to online marketing in this side of the world is understanding the level of your customers. Most of us in this part don’t open our emails frequently, so to get attention, you need to be on the platform where your customers are spending the most time. As of currently the two largest are Facebook and WhatsApp.

So the most profitable skills today for a business person on this side of the world include being able to send engaging messages on WhatsApp and managing groups or broadcast lists, or both. It doesn’t require complicated learning, and is quite interesting once you get the hang of it.

We can do the entire customer management for you if you need us to, or if any other enquiries, reach us using the contact button on the right. 

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